Hydrowash & Grooming

A combination of hydrowashing and grooming means your dog is clean and well presented. Dogs are brushed to remove loose hair.
The result is worth the effort.

A warm wash makes for a happier pooch !

A warm wash gives a better result, and you even get to choose the shampoo.
Soft Aqua, Herbal, Insecticidal Tea Tree (Flea Shampoo), Oatmeal & Aloe, Aroma Care, Show Pro White

Fresh water rinse for a better result.

With fresh clean water used for the rinse and if needed a flea and tick solution added. The end result is a cleaner wash and a happier flea and tick free dog.

Attention to detail.

It's all about doing it right.
Eyes and ears are cleaned, nails are trimmed (if needed), your dogs coat is blow dried or towel dried for that perfect finish.

The finishing touch.

When the job is done, it's time for either some cologne spray or conditioning cream.
Then last but not least a doggy treat.
Your dog is one happy pet !

Prices that work for you !

Make that group discount work for you.
One dog will cost you $25, but if we do two it's only $40.
Call Nikki on 0422 197 115 for more information and a chat !